Greetings from Mike Künzle, Mayor of Winterthur

mike kuenzle


The city of Winterthur is delighted to host the men’s IFA 2019 Fistball World Championship.

The local Fistball association assisted by its 13 member clubs is organizing this world championship. Winterthur is honoured to support this major event by providing the infrastructure and services needed.

Winterthur is the sixth largest city in Switzerland and it’s the perfect venue for this event. The “Schützenwiese” stadium is centrally located.  Accommodations and restaurants for every budget are near the city centre and the main train station, riding our world renowned public transportation system will quickly get you where you want to go whether it’s to and from the stadium or to and from the international airport in Zurich only 30 minutes away.

For a few days Winterthur will be the world center for this great sport. We’re going to have a big “Fistball party” next summer!

Michael Künzle, Mayor of Winterthur

Stadt Winterthur

Die Stadt Winterthur unterstützt die Faustball-Weltmeisterschaft, heisst alle Spieler,
Fans und Gäste herzlich willkommen und wünscht allen ein tolles WM-Erlebnis.